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Industrial activities are advancing over the world as a result of cutting-edge technology. Many firms are gravitating toward the use of self-driving technology such as drones. As a result, Dronxt has chosen to announce its membership in the Drone Logistics Ecosystem, an alliance of firms devoted to the progress of drone technology and the establishment of regulations. Dronxt is a high-tech, innovation-driven firm that creates hardware and software solutions for the Advanced Air Mobility market, as well as autonomous systems for civil and military use.

Highlights of Logistics Drone:

They may be used for transportation or delivery of consumer purchases, which is an excellent option for congested metropolitan areas. Joint security surveillance of big logistical facilities such as warehouses and factories.

This allows the firms who make the shipments to broaden their scope of operation. These vehicles are also particularly useful in emergency scenarios where medical and humanitarian goods must be delivered quickly to isolated places. Many delivery experiments focusing on medical supplies have been conducted to far.

In summary, the use of drones in logistics means lower distribution costs and faster delivery.

Specifications For Cargology

Parameters Value
Range 5Kms
Endurance 30 mins with 4KG payload
Max payload 5KG
Operating altitude 400m AGL
Service ceiling 5000m AMSL
Cruise speed 6 m/s
Max speed 11 m/s
Power Plant Electric brushless motor
Wheel base 1300mm
Height 480mm
Communication range 10kms
Climb rate 2 m/s
Airframe material Hybrid composites
Operational modes Fixed altitude, Fixed heading,Loiter, Way point navigation, Auto landing, Fixed climb rate
Failsafes Return to home on low battery /system malfunction/ high winds/ communication loss
Wind Resistance 15 Kmph constant, 20 gusting

Logisics Drone



Traffic Control Management is the design, auditing and implementation of traffic control plans at worksites and civil infrastructure projects.


Drones have been used extensively for counter-terrorism operations, especially in carrying out pre-emptive strikes, surveillance

Medical Transport

Drones can assist in remotely covering the damaged regions and can be deployed practically without the need to plan for operations.