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Rodnxt-S6, the first flagship multirotor UAV developed by Dronxt for surveillance missions delivers a strong 40 mins of operational endurance in a completely loaded configuration.With an innovative monocoque rugged airframe structure, it holds up heavily against adverse weather and terrain conditions.

Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize in positive ways to help society

Bill Gates

Being 25% lighter, it has a high weight cushion to cater for heavier payload options without compromising on operational flight time. Rodnxt-S6 is developed for quick deployment and versatile operations in the coldest and the windiest of weathers. Swappable battery options make re-deployment swift enhancing the system’s efficacy in real time surveillance missions

Highlights of Surveillance Drone:

  • They can provide media with access to inaccessible locations
  • They have the potential to improve agricultural management
  • They can help with infrastructure maintenance and management
  • Surveillance Drones can support law enforcement and save lives

Specifications For Rodnxt-S6

Parameters Value
MTOW 2.5
Range 5 Kms
Endurance 40 mins
Max payload 300 gms
Operating altitude 400m AGL
Service ceiling 5000m AMSL
Cruise speed 6 m/s
Max speed 11 m/s
Power Plant Electric brushless motor
Wheel base 650 mm
Communication range 10 Kms
Climb rate 2m/s
Airframe material Hybrid composites
Operational modes Fixed altitude, Fixed heading, Loiter, Way point navigation, Autos landing, Fixed climb rate Wheel base 650 mm
Wind resistance 15 Kmph constant, 20 gusting
Payload options Day/Night EO, Laser illuminators, comm. repeaters


Traffic Management

Traffic Control Management is the design, auditing and implementation of traffic control plans at worksites and civil infrastructure projects.

Perimeter Guarding

Perimeter guards are typically used to monitor the perimeter around a machine, but may also include systems of handrails and guardrails.

Disaster Management

Drones can assist in remotely covering the damaged regions and can be deployed practically without the need to plan for operations.

Environment Protection

Drones are effectively employed to monitor environmental catastrophes in unsafe locations, such as during floods or after storms.

Border patrol

A drone designed for border patrol organizations that are looking to dramatically enhance the way they control borders.

Event surveillance

Drones are a continuously evolving and multifaceted technology that is becoming an important component of the event industry.