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Dronxt the Era evolution is formed with a vision of creating new evolution in Intel and super inhuman effectiveness. it aims to enhance growth of drone’s sector globally in manufacturing innovative technology in both aerial unmanned and under water drones. Dronxt as an aerospace company will be a creator of long-range drones which will help numerous industries to make their impossible work at simple cost, quickly and accurately. Ultimately in suppling products from one end to another.

Dronxt proudly announces most advanced underwater drone ROV which is portable, affordable, and easy to use providing solutions to various underwater projects. Our innovators with an intense research and development over the years have made dronxt underwater drones to do inspections on the hardest environments

Dronxt is very passionate about developing solution-based technology with its artificial intelligence to automate the process for the users. It will assure users of top quality and high-performance products in the coming future.

About Quality

We're about Quality and Trust.

Our Vision

Our vision is to integrate both wings and eyes and make a robust flying machine which will become a unique work force for our clients.

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Our Mission

Dronxt mission is to bring in class leading UAV/- Drones, assisted services, and provide seamless work flow to end user with best of hardware and software integration

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