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Fixed-wing VTOL drones are among the most common forms of UAVs.Our VTOL drone is significantly more suited for travelling great distances quickly and for longer periods of time. Fixed-wing drones often feature customised payloads (seed dispersal devices) that are suited to the size and shape of the UAV and contain and spread the required number of seeds at regulated, pre-determined, and consistent rates.

Highlights of VTOL Fixed Wing

They may also transport pods containing a mixture of seeds, fertiliser, and soil for these reforestation/afforestation efforts.

Fixed-wing drones are more advantageous than most other types of drones because they can operate for extended periods of time and travel large distances without needing to be recharged or refuelled. This is partly because they need less energy to create lift and most winged vehicles have gliding capabilities, albeit gliding capability is not always highly efficient due to the size and weight of fixed-wing aircraft utilised for this job.

Specifications For VTOL Fixed Wing

Parameters Value
Range 30Kms
Endurance 2h 30m
Max payload 1Kg
Operating altitude 400m AGL
Service ceiling 5000m AMSL
Cruise speed 60Kmph
Max speed 110Kmph
Power Plant Electric brushless motor
Wing span ~2.1m
Length ~1.3m
Communication range 40Kms
Stall speed 35Kmph
Airframe material Hybrid composites
Operational Modes Fixed altitude, Fixed heading,Loiter, Way point navigation, Auto landing, Fixed climb rate
Failsafes Return to home on low battery /system malfunction/ high winds/ communication loss
Wind Resistance 30 kmph constant, 45 gusting
Payload options Day/Night EO, Laser illuminators, comm. repeaters
VTOL Fixed Wing


Anti Terror

Traffic Control Management is the design, auditing and implementation of traffic control plans at worksites and civil infrastructure projects.

Counter Insurgency

Drones have been used extensively for counter-terrorism operations, especially in carrying out pre-emptive strikes, surveillance

Disaster Management

Drones can assist in remotely covering the damaged regions and can be deployed practically without the need to plan for operations.

Crime Control

Drones can help in chasing the suspects and controlling crimes. When a suspect takes to the roof or unmanned area.

Border Security

A drone designed for border Security organizations that are looking to dramatically enhance the way they control borders.

Crowd Control

ideaForge has developed state-of-the-art drones for crowd monitoring to provide surveillance solutions during crowd gatherings.


Drones in forestry help monitor tree health and track the location and migratory behaviors of wildlife.


Wildlife Drones are leaders in animal tracking and wildlife conservation and nnovative radio telemetry drone.

Traffic Monitoring

Real time traffic monitoring & management software. Convert any traffic camera into a smart sensor.